Bernadette Martinez

My print plates are inspired by deep realms in creativeness that surrounds my spiritual and mystical persona, inching away into the gouges of my plates. I print expressive works and challenge myself in gouging with unstructured backgrounds. I try to have a series-based focus because printmaking is an art that is uniquely identified from a liquid form of medium.

I am constantly researching online or bookstores that inspire me in printing a series. My sketches of the images are my base to the print plate and I add more depth and details with freestyle gouging. My plates are prepared with a base image with no other images. I do not prepare any tools or drawings for background images. My gouging techniques are pretty freestyle. I explore and experiment in many ways.

My work tends to focus on mystical and spiritual embodies that are physical or cosmic states. I integrate abstraction and try not to have a monotonous perception. I try to produce print works that may have a deeper perception or subject matters in humanity and science.


My influences are first and foremost the surrounding energies around me and gouging technique challenges that I can manipulate into the artwork. I’ve always loved M.C. Escher’s works and Albrecht Dürer particularly the eternal effects and image construction. I love art noveau and researching into the eras that relate to architecture and design. The artists I most admire are Sandro Boticelli, an Italian renaissance artist, David Lefner a reduction linocut artist, Poli Marichal an encaustic printmaker of abstract and contemporary art, and John Montelongo a printmaker of Guadalupe images. I am honored to have been mentored by Poli Marichal and John Montelongo, and provided me the education in printmaking and endurance to go beyond the realms of art mediums and creativeness.

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