Jenny Young

Jenny Bawer Young was born and cradled by a family that bears the Kalinga traditional way of life.since childhood,jenny’s parents and grandparents have been passing onto her and her siblings their knowledge on and practice of Kalinga traditional arts particularly Laga( backstrap weaving) music,chants and dances.Jenny has performed and conducted Kalinga traditional arts workshops in her native cordillera region, Metro Manila, Switzerland, Germany and in the US.

Since immigrating to California with her family in 2006, Jenny has been a valuable resource on Kalinga culture for the Filipino-American community, especially in the San Francisco area. Jenny is a master weaver and is the driving force behind Laga CA circle, a women’s Collective dedicated to the goal of preserving and promoting traditional Kalinga culture in the Bay area.

Jenny’s goal is the same as the goals of her ancestor’s. To sing, to dance,to weave and to preserve the ancient arts that made the Kalinga people special. Isolated from the outside world for centuries in the deep mist of the Cordillera, these practices need to be shared to those who wants to celebrate the traditional way of the indigenous people.

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